Speedway Motors Inc.

Speedway Motors, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for Cold Fire Super Systems CTSX automatic fire suppression system for the automotive industry.

Driver Safety is Our Top Concern

Driver safety must always be the highest priority at any racetrack whether its NASCAR or go carts.
We believe everyone has the right to the best fire protection available to make sure they can go home from the race the same way they arrived.
Few if any fire systems address only the race car driver as their only concern, most existing systems attack the fire at its source in the hope that it will not reach the driver, our systems gives the driver that extra time that can save you from sever injury or even death from burns.
Most fire suppression systems do not have the ability to cool and in fact allow a barrier between the open fire and heat. Our unique suppressant (ColdFire®) will cool and maintain a barrier around the driver during the discharge of the system and for some time after, the time will depend on the evaporation of the material, which is a water base.
The new driver protection system could be used in a combination with existing systems or as a stand alone system for the smaller cars.
The driver protection system can be activated automatically when the detection tube temperature raises above 176 ┬░F or manually activated by the driver or emergency response crew.
The systems can be refilled and recharged in a matter minutes which is not only a convenient but a monetary saving because 2 and 3 fully charged cylinder are not required as replacements only the refill kit.

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