What is ColdFire®?

ColdFire® is a rapid cooling fire extinguishing agent. The product is a combination of plant extracts and water and is environmentally friendly; UL listed Wetting Agent for Class A (wood and paper) and Class B (fuel and oil) fires, also works on Class D (metal) fires. ColdFire® has been listed by the Environmental Protection Agency under their SNAP Program Vender list as an acceptable alternative to Halon 1211 and 1301. ColdFire® is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable.


 How Does ColdFire® Work?

To understand how ColdFire® works, you must first understand the basic structure of fire. In order for a fire to be created, three components are necessary, fuel, oxygen, and heat. These three components form what is called a “Fire Triangle”. Most agents extinguish fires by breaking down one leg of the fire triangle to stop the flame propagation. ColdFire® works to break down and remove 2 components from the fire triangle, heat and fuel. ColdFire is considered to have 6 times the penetrating capability of water. This characteristic, coupled with its extraordinary capability to absorb heat, allows ColdFire® to penetrate a fire faster, absorb the heat, and bring the fuel source generating the fire under its flashpoint more quickly. ColdFire® also works to simultaneously encapsulate the fuel source of the fire. ColdFire® works to encapsulate the fuels vapors and begins to break down the molecular structure of the hydrocarbon fuel source extinguishing the fire and preventing re-ignition.




Cold Fire Super Systems offers many advantages over conventional fire suppressing systems:

Flexible, narrow tubing enables it to be inserted into small narrow spaces

No electricity required; it will work even in electrical failure

Virtually no installation limitations

Simple design reduces maintenance

Always activates at hottest point of the fire

Suppresses fire in seconds, minimizing damage

Quick and simple installation

Coldfire® extinguishing agent minimizes damage

Cost-effective and practical compared to other extinguishing systems

Operational from 120 °F to -65 °F depending on Coldfire® fill

Unaffected by moisture intrusion